What Services Are Available Through Christian Alcohol Rehab Centers?

In Arizona, Christian-based drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers provide a variety of services to fight addiction. The services are available through programs that are designed to meet the needs of patients individually. A local center provides services to increase the success rate of recovery.

One-on-One Counseling Services

All patients who are admitted into the treatment program receive one-on-one counseling with a licensed psychologist. The patient discusses underlying issues that caused their addiction. The therapist also presents sessions to discuss problems that could arise at any time. The purpose of individual therapy is to identify the problem and find the best solution.

Group Recovery Meetings

The patients are separated into groups, and group recovery meetings are conducted. The group sessions start in the rehabilitation program. However, it is vital for all participants to continue to attend group therapy to increase their success rate. In the sessions, the participants discuss problems they have experienced due to their addiction. They also discuss traumas and life events that have led to the addiction.

Medication Assisted Treatment Options

Some patients receive medication-assisted treatment options. Addictions to substances such as a pain medication require an alternative method of treatment. The addiction starts due to excessive pain that is caused by a medical condition or injury. The doctors work together to find a better way to manage the patient’s pain without providing narcotics. An increase in opioid addiction has led to a real need for changes, and doctors who treat addiction are taking notice.

Detox and Drug Testing Services

The rehabilitation services begin with the detox process and drug testing services. The process is painful and could lead to dangerous conditions if the patient tries it on their own. The facility monitors the patient’s detox and continues drug testing throughout their stay in the facility.

In Arizona, Christian-based rehab provides one-on-one counseling for each patient. The facility conducts group recovery meetings for all parties to discuss their issues together. Select patients receive medication-assisted treatment when pain is a major issue that leads to the addiction. Family therapy is available through some facilities. Individuals who want to start the road to recovery contact Christian alcohol rehab centers now.

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