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10 Ways to Prevent Cancer

Your Simple Lifestyle Can Prevent Cancer

Very often we think that we can’t do anything about being taken ill with cancer. But still, following some simple rules we can decrease the danger of falling ill. Cancer Treatment Mexico, along with other cancer centres, have come up with some of these rules that can help:

  1. Give up smoking

One of the most prevailing reasons of cancer is smoking. As a result, in most cases people get only lung cancer or some other types of it. That’s why you shouldn’t start smoking or stop doing it. It would be useful for your body anyhow.

It’s very harmful not only to smoke, but to be in the company of those who smoke and to breathe the puffs of smoke which comprise more than 60 known carcinogens. They hinder cell development.

  1. Be careful with the influence of sun on your skin

Though skin cancer is wide-spread among all the people, we can also take precautions against it. UV ray has bad influence on your skin, so sunbathe with measure and not at noon, don’t forget about wearing sun glasses and the clothes, which will cover most part of your skin.

  1. Fruits and Vegetables Are Preferable

Keep to a diet, which is based on eating more fruits and vegetables. With the help of antioxidants, which fruits and vegetables are rich in, you will renew damaged cells. All fruits and vegetables are health-giving.

  1. Eat Less Red Meat and Animal Fat

The scientists connect some types of cancer, especially colon cancer, with using for food red meat. If you have a possibility, it’s better to choose poultry and fish, as they contain less fat. Much animal fat may course obesity, and the last one may course cancer.

  1. Drink Alcohol With Measure

Alcohol is the main reason of cancer for both: men and women. Try to reduce the quantity of hard drinks in your menu.

  1. Don’t Forget About Physical Exercises

Physical exercises are also very good in order to prevent cancer. The American Cancer Society advises 30 minutes of them at least 5 days a week and it’s not necessary to go to a gym.

  1. Find Out The Information About Personal and Family Medical History

Some types of cancer, for example, breast, colon, ovarian, and others, may be inherited. If you know that someone of your relatives had cancer, it’s better to tell your doctor about it. It will be easier for him to choose the right treatment.

  1. Get To Know What You Are Surrounded By At Work

There are a lot of harmful things around us at work, which may be injurious to health. These are dust and different chemicals coursing cancer too. If such exist, try to diminish their influence on you.

  1. Practice Safe Sex

It may seem strange, what have sex in common with cancer. But there exists such HPV (the infection of the human papillomairus), which may course cervical cancer. This infection is communicated through sexual, skin-to-skin contact. A vaccine, Gardasil, against HPV was approved by the FDA in 2006. HIV/AIDS is also connected with some types of cancers.

  1. Do Tests for Cancer Regularly

It’s easier to prevent the illness, than to cure it. And the treatment is more effective in early stages, that’s why you should do all the tests you are recommended and to do them in time.


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